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According to Politico’s chief columnist Roger Simon, even if Ron Paul wins the crucial Iowa primary, the result will simply be ignored and the establishment media will instead concentrate on the order in which Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney finish.

Simon tries to downplay the significance of Iowa by pointing out that “exotic” candidates have won in the past, yet fails to mention how two of the last three successful Republican nominees started the campaign trial with a win in Iowa.

He then denigrates the importance of August’s Ames straw poll, which is normally seen as a key barometer, simply because Paul almost won it.

“The media’s not going to be blown away” by a Paul win, states Simon. In other words, if Paul wins, the media will simply continue to ignore his existence in a desperate effort to prevent him from building the kind of momentum that would increase his chances of performing well in New Hampshire, Florida and subsequent primaries.

“If Ron Paul wins Iowa, we just take it out,” remarks Simon.

Being the status quo-worshipping, simpering establishment hack that he is, to be fair to Simon, he had resolved to completely ignore Ron Paul’s campaign from the very outset, back when Paul was seen as a long shot to win Iowa.

After Paul almost tied Bachmann for first in the Ames poll back in August, Simon brazenly admitted that the corporate press had decided to ignore Paul’s campaign altogether.

Simon said the reason for Paul being ignored was that “the media doesn’t believe he has a hoot in hells chance of winning the Iowa caucuses, the Republican nomination or winning the presidency, so we’re gonna ignore him.” CNN host Howard Kurtz responded by shamelessly announcing that, “We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race”.

At the time, Bachmann’s performance was heralded as an indication that she could challenge for the nomination, and she was endlessly lauded by the establishment media. Bachmann now trails Paul by a substantial margin.

SImon’s rhetoric mirrors that of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, who rhetorically sabotaged the legitimacy of his own state’s poll by encouraging people, in the event of a Paul victory, to ignore the will of the voters and instead concentrate on who comes second and third.

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