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In a rare moment of bipartisan unity, lawmakers and economists on both sides of the aisle largely agreed on two points: The Federal Reserve System as it stands is hurting America and something must be done to stop it. Just what exactly needs to happen, however, was the subject of considerable debate during a Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy hearing Tuesday chaired by sound-money advocate and GOP presidential contender Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

Dr. Paul, of course, has become famous around the world for his tireless efforts to audit, expose, and abolish the central bank. He even published a best-selling book in 2009 entitled End the Fed, a title that has become a rallying cry for millions of Americans angry about the institution’s multi-trillion-dollar bailouts, market manipulations, corruption, and debasement of the currency.

The subcommittee hearing, entitled “The Federal Reserve System: Mend It or End It?”, examined a range of different proposals to reform the nation’s monetary system — it was supposed to look at six different options emanating from both parties. One of the measures on the agenda was Congressman Paul’s own “Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act,” legislation to dismantle the central bank and restore sound money based on market principles.

“More and more people are beginning to understand just how destructive the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy has been. I hope that this hearing will kick start a serious discussion on the need to rein in the Fed,” Chairman Paul said in a statement about the event. “A hundred years is far too long for Congress to have taken a hands-off approach. The Fed continues to reward Wall Street banks while destroying the dollar’s purchasing power and driving up the cost of living for average Americans. This reckless behavior must come to an end.”

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W2OHCNIE7BLFD3ULWAW7MVHJPU saintkris

    It about time!!!!!!!!!! I want to know who OWNS the Federal Reserve (which isn’t ‘federal’ and has no ‘reserve’) There is a board and a chairman but like any other corporation the owners have the final say on what’s done and not done. Who are the owners? Where are the assets that the fed used to make up the debt shortfall recently? Are we paying these guys to print money and then paying them interest on the money they’re printing? Is this insane or what???